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The idea behind DIY and crafts is to produce things that you made with your own hands, but also to reduce the cost of these things often dramatically. A big word, I know, but when you compare the price of an all finished simple piece of furniture with the cost of the material, then dramtaic is the correct desription. True you also need a few tools, but thes you only buy once and then use often. So making things yourself makes a lot of sense. And if you can save further because you are constantly checking for DIY coupons and crafts coupons, things get even cheaper! It’s a little bit like grocery shopping: Certain things you need over and over again, so it might make sense to buy them when you can get coupons. Often items that were expensive jsut before XMas or an other special day are then reduced, or can be bought with coupons at often less than half price. If you have the space to store them until the next Xmas, your savings are massive!

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