Back-to-School Coupons

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It’s this time of the year, and everybody is looking for big savings with back-to-school coupons. Here are some tips where to find these valuable coupons. Using back-to-school coupons  makes a lot of sense; getting everything that is necessary for one or more kids to be ready for school, means spending a lot of money. So every dollar saved is highly welcome.

What is often overlooked, when searching for back-to-school coupons are deals that you can get simply by showing you school ID. Many shops are offering that kind of reduction for school kids. I have made the experience that you should ask for a discount, even if there is none announced or published. You will most likely be told that they are not offering back-to-school discounts or back-to-school coupons, but you might get lucky and get a yes. So don’t be afraid to always ask for back-to-school coupons or deals, the worst that can happen to you is getting “no” as an answer…

Back-to-School Coupons or Deals at these Shops

At these following shops you will get a reduction of the sales price when showing your school ID, that’s as good as having a specific back-to-school coupon.

Back-to-School CouponsJ. Crew Coupon – Back-to-School Coupons

J.Crew, the trendy apparel site, offers a 15% J.Crew student discount on regularly priced goods upon presentation of the school ID. This offer is valid for both students and teachers. They are also currently running an “end of style sale” with a 30% reduction, for this you need to apply the  online code “SHOPSALE”.  Also. when you shop online  at JCrew Factory you will occasionally see great discounted offers, they are often only for a day or two, so frequent visits to their site might pay off too.

Kenneth Cole Coupon Code – Back-to-School Coupons

Kenneth Cole, another hip chain, offers 20% Kenneth Cole discount for people showing their college ID. That’s just as good as having back-to-school coupons for this store! The discount is for regular Kenneth Cole stores, but not for the Kenneth Cole outlets. There are som restrictions, but don’t forget to present you college ID at checkout, and tell the store assistant to enter the code “KCCLG” to make this work.

Best Buy Coupons – Back-to-School Coupons

Best Buy has good and attractive prices throughout the year, but right now they are running a 4-day back-to-school sales online that offers up to 70% off selected items. If you need a tablet or a touch-screen laptop, then this could be the right spot for you to check the prices. From the homepage of BestBuy you find a direct link to this offer. Also, you might want to sign up for their special students coupon program: If you have an .edu email address this is for you, all other addresses will not receive these students coupons.

Claire’s Coupons – Back-to-School Coupons

Fancy some international shopping for your kid? There are some really nice bundles for kids going back to school, and the pricing is OK, even without a coupon code at Claire’s. And there is a coupon that is currently workinG that will give you a whopping 20% discount: Enter “TEENVOGUEBTS”

Look out for more back-to-school coupons and deals, and remember: NEVER forget to ask for a back-to-school discount – Often it works!



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