Get information and tips how to receive coupons that are hard to find.

Coupons are not just for people who have decided that frugal living will be way of life. Even if you are an ordinary shopper and have the money, why not take advantage of all the store offers and top brands discounts – they are here for the taking. Rather take your family out for a great dinner in a restaurant with the money you saved by using coupons (and there are restaurant coupons too!)

Coupons That Will Save You Money

We constantly surf the web to find great deals and offers that will help you save money and even get some things for free. Manufacturers and retailers are very interested that you get to know them and that you stay loyal to their brand. They want you to come and find out how great their services and products are – and they want you to come back often and spend your money with them.

One of the most convincing arguments a seller has to attract new customers and keep his existing customer coming back is to offer them some kind of incentive. That can be to offer a significant reduction on the price of a product, or to let the customer have something for totally free when he buys a certain number or for a certain total sum. These are the famous buy three products, get one free products offers.

Other companies, especially when they are offering a service, provide their returning customers with special perks and call them VIP’s. A VIP (very important person) customer will get priority when checking in at a hotel or rental car company or airline. They might be getting some things for free and be treated with other specials and discounts. Some companies will offer them special deals that the ordinary customer can not get, like i.e. free samples of a new product.

Coupons That Let You Be A VIP Customer Too

If you read the Sunday papers, or the leaflets and promotional newspapers that are distributed nearly everywhere, you certainly already noticed the large number of grocery coupons that are published and that allow people saving money when visiting their local shops.

CouponsExtreme couponing is the activity that more and more people take up to profit from the free savings offered everywhere.  These people have evolved coupon clipping to an art and they use all means to collect and store coupons for all their daily needs. Before they go out and buy anything, they check if there are promotions and offers that will provide them with discounts or even a free deal.

You must try it! Even if you never used coupons before, simply try to find one for the items you are using regularly. If at first saving a few cents seems not very important, and not worth the effort, think again: By saving 10 to 50 cents on an item you buy once a week, you are saving 50 times 10 cents, that are five dollars, or if you save 50 cents, the result is already 25 dollars!

Find 10 items that you buy with big discounts and you are now looking at 100 to 250 dollars every year. By getting used to look for special discounts and offers, you will become a smarter buyer and will start to save even more. There extreme couponing experts that save several thousand(!) dollars every year. You can save big too, start looking for coupons and redeem them!




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  1. Joellen Krankey

    I am just now trying to join the coupon world. I can use all the help I can get. I’m ready to save some MONEY!!!

    • shawnachevalier

      I can’t wait to start I’m on disability and this will help me a lot got kid’s and grandkids need all grocery stores shoes close thank you hope this is true

  2. Emmanuella Ifemeje

    Thanks for the coupons.I will now start saving.

  3. Martha Harrison

    Would like coupons daily

  4. Lisa

    Would love some:-) good coupons always

  5. Paulette Riddle

    I like start saving money by using coupon am disabitily may if I no how save with the coupon it help me on my grocery personal thing anything on coupon long i can save money i have two kids.

  6. Sandy Alene Davis

    pleae let me know weekley on any grocery coupons or jewelry coupons.

  7. Tammy

    I like coupons I just don’t like checking in my facebook to load it. I am hoping I enjoy it and you can email my coupons. I am also having a tough time living week to week….THANK you for your time and conch. Ms. Tammy.


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