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Dating with a good online dating service can be fun and if you have a Zoosk coupon or even better the current Zoosk promo code, you have a chance to meet new people without breaking the bank! A Zoosk search will bring up many potential mates that have similar interests and are also ready to plunge into the ‘cold water’ and find a new companion for life.  Using the Zoosk online dating service can also be a lot of fun, and if you’re open for new people you might even find a few new friends too!

The ‘evergreen’ Zoosk Promo Code – Works every time!

Let’s be clear about online dating services: They are not only here to create happy people, they also want to make money and have people sign up for their services. You can use their motivation to get sign-ups and their marketing strategy to your advantage to waive the Zoosk activation fee. It’s a ‘Zoosk promo code’ that until now works like a charm every time.

And it’s true, Zoosk is a great service and you are likely to find people who are a good match and you might even find the love of your life at Zoosk. It is a service worth paying for and getting your own Zoosk login. But why pay more than absolutely necessary? All it takes is the instructions below and a little patience to save and receive the Zoosk promo code.

zoosk promo code
With the Zoosk Promo Code you do not only get their free access, but when you sing up to be able to connect with others, you can avoid the Zoosk activation fee.

Zoosk promo code to waive the activation fee:

OK, this is how you go about using this Zoosk promo code. First, don’t use the mobile app to sign up, use your laptop and the normal browser to sign up at their website and create your Zoosk login.  Go through the form and fill in the details required, and when you come to the choice of plans and an additional activation fee is shown, change the plan to an other one and then simply log out. Dont finish the registration process until you get the Zoosk promo code:

What happens now? Zoosk is unhappy…. a potential customer just left their site and did not finish the order process, they are afraid to lose you! They want you to come back! And they will make you a better offer than you got when you first started the sign-up process. They will send you the ‘Zoosk promo code’ to make you reconsider and they will do that relatively quickly so that you don’t have a chance to go somewhere else and sign up with an other dating service.

So watch out for your Zoosk promo code, it will arrive in a friendly email from Zoosk  (They have your email address already, you gave them the info when you started to sign up for Zoosk). So make sure you don’t miss the email that will say “We waived the activation fee for you on Zoosk” in the subject line. In the body it will the say something like this:

“…as a valuable Zoosk member, you are entitled to an activation fee waiver if you subscribe within the next 24 hours. Simply go to the Zoosk subscription page and subscribe within the next 24 hours and we will waive the activation fee: Click on this link to go to the subscription page. This is a limited-time offer, so please hurry to take advantage of the opportunity.”

This virtual Zoosk promo code is great: Now you can log back in and you can chose the plan you like, with this little trick, my virtual Zoosk promo code, you have no more activation fee to pay!






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