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Keeping your car engine in good shape means to change the engine oil periodically – This is best and cheapest done with oil change coupons from one of the car service companies that specialize in cheap oil change offers. Ideally, you would use express oil change coupons to have the task performed in no time at no cost – but that offer can be found nowhere….  Some of these companies offer really quick service, advertised i.e. like ‘5 minute oil change’ or they emphazise on the economies you make when changing the engine oil at their facility and brag about ‘cheapest oil change’. You need to be careful about these offers, as it usually takes longer than five minutes to change the engine oil, and to advertise as ‘cheapest oil change’ might mean that their offer is attractive, but do they use the right engine oil? Express oil change coupons are often offered too, as people are always in a hurry….

The Ominous 19.99 Oil Change – Oil Change Prices

Oil change prices can deceptive! You’ve certainly seen it many times: The ad that says ‘19.99 oil change’. Be careful, this is a trap: When it comes to engine oil, you want to use the best possible quality, and you should not only look at the oil change prices. A price tag that says ‘19.99 oil change’ looks good and it uses the psychological trick of not mentioning the 20 dollars it really is, but what do you get for the twenty bucks you spend? An engine oil needs to perform different tasks, to make sure your car engine lasts a long time: A good oil provides protection at startup, it has engine cleansing qualities, assures that your engine gets enhanced durability and better protection against heat buildup. So, make sure you look not only at oil change prices, but also at the quality of service and oil that you will get.

How To Compare Oil Change Coupons

Here are a few words of caution: The express oil change coupons help the companies to draw you into their repair shops. the 19.99 oil change offers look great, but read the small print on the coupons carefully.

Often you have to pay additional charges like i.e for the oil filter. Even if it says ‘install new oil filter’ – install means not ‘provided’, thus you will have to pay additional for the oil filter. Also, often there is a charge for disposing of the old oil. Then there is sales tax, usually on top of the offer also. In short: read the small print, and then be ready to make sure that while the oil is changed, no additional charges come up. Discuss with the mechanic or sales person, what will be done and how much this all will cost in the end. Otherwise, your nice oil change coupons will not end up saving you money!


Cheap Oil Change Los Angeles – Oil Change Coupons Los Angeles

Let’s look at your situation when you live i.e. in the Los Angeles area and need a cheap oil change: There are many car service stations and they all want your business, so they will certainly offer oil change coupons. Start off by looking for “oil change los angeles”, “cheap oil change los angeles”, “cheap oil change close to me” or “best oil change los angeles”. You should come up with a good list of oil change coupons and places that offer a truly cheap oil change in Los Angeles. So don’t accept the first oil change coupons that are presented to you, there often is a still better deal elsewhere!


Oil Change Coupons from
Firestone Complete Auto Care

At Firestone Complete Auto Care you can get a 19.99 oil standard change or a premium oil change. both come with Firestone oil change coupons.  So which one to choose?  With the standard oil change, you get normal engine oil and you pay really just 19.99.

When you use the Firestone oil change coupon for the premium oil change, this means you will receive either $15.00 rebate on full synthetic oil change, $10.00 rebate on  high mileage oil change. Both these engine oils are of substantially better quality than conventional motor oil and will protect your car engine much better.

The 19.99 oil change coupon and the synthetic oil change coupons from Firestone are valid for the entire month of February 2016. You can get them online either by email or as printable oil change coupons at their website


oil change coupons
Even though you could save big with oil change coupons – make sure you add the engine oil that is best for your car!


NTB Oil Change Coupons

NTB (National Tire % Battery) is also a company that offers this great ‘19.99 oil change’. A NTB oil change coupon for this service can be found here. But as I already mentioned, it might not do your motor much good.

What is sure, is that fresh oil lubes better than oil that has broken down with heat, use and age. The grit that can scratch and damage your engine also drains out with the old oil. Regular oil changes keep your engine cooler and might prevent repairs.

So even if there are NTB oil change coupons for conventional motor oil, you should make sure that you get the engine oil that your car needs. NTB offers a great function on their website that allows you to enter either the VIN or the specs of your car to find out which oil is best for your car. This might even come in useful, if you then go to a different company or your neighborhood mechanic for the oil change.

Pep Boys oil change coupons

Like almost all other competitors, Pep Boys oil change coupons are for their ‘19.99 oil change’ with conventional engine oil. They use Formula Shell or BP Visco conventional motor oil. SURe this works for some models and engines, but if you’re driving a performance car, then you need to use different engine oil to prevent damage.

They offer rebates and specials on their services all the time, so it’s easy to find express oil change coupons and other great deals to take care of your car. Their webpage has the up-to-date infos.

Right now they also offer a ‘29.99 Premium Pennzoil or Castrol GTX conventional motor oil change service’ or a ‘39.99 Pennzoil or Castrol High Mileage motor oil change’ and the premium offer: ‘49.99 Pennzoil Platinum or Castrol Edge Synthetic motor oil change service’.  You can imagine that your engine gets better treatment when you pay 30 bucks more…

Tires Plus oil change coupon

There are 2 Tires plus some express oil change coupons that are currently valid. One is for the ever so popular ‘19.99 oil change’ and the other one is a rebate of $15 off a full synthetic oil change or a high mileage oil change. Both oil change coupons are valid for the month of February 2016

Both coupons can be found on their website, just click here.

Grease Monkey oil change coupons

The Grease Monkey oil change coupons can also be found on their international web page. They are somewhat differently organized, and you find the best offers by first looking for your Grease Monkey location on their shop finder. Once you find the Grease Monkey location near you, you will also find the Grease Monkey hours of operation of that shop, a map where to find it, and all coupons, like i.e. express oil change coupons. Hint: Check more than one shop, if they are within easy reach, coupons differ from one shop to the other!

Meineke oil change coupons

Currently, Meineke coupons might provide the cheapest service for you if you live in the Los Angeles area: They offer a ‘14.95 Meineke oil change coupon‘ that includes a synthetic blend oil, which is better than a simple conventional oil. This offer is valid till March 15th, 2016. Sometimes Meineke also offers express oil change coupons. On their website you can check what offers are currently valid for your area.

Jiffy Lube oil change coupon

The Jiffy Lube website offers coupons at all times. Oil change coupons can be found for nearly every location, i.e. in the LA area, California, a station shows $15 or even $18 Jiffy Lube oil change coupons for synthetic engine oils.

There are over 2000 Jiffy Lube locations in the U.S.A. To find the location nearest to you and their specific Jiffy Lube oil change coupons and other special deals and rebates, use their coupons page on the Jiffy Lube website.

Walmart oil change coupons

Yes, Walmart does oil changes also: The Walmart oil change coupons currently available are the ‘19.88 oil change’ –>>  Walmart drops the price by $0.11  🙂

But here’s the thing that sets Walmart apart from the others: The oil filter is included:

Pit Crew oil change, just $19.88
Includes up to 5 quarts of Quaker State Advanced Durability conventional motor oil (5W-20, 5W-30 or 10W-30), a new oil filter, chassis lubrication (where applicable), battery performance check and tire pressure adjustment as needed.

To my knowledge, this is the only low price oil change below 20 dollars that includes the oil filter. Sure, it’s conventional oil, but with the oil filter included, you can’t complain. Check on the Walmart website for the current oil change coupons in your location.

Where and How To Find  Oil Change Specials ‘near me’

The cheapest way to change engine oil is to go to a fuel station near you and purchase the engine oil that your car needs. With the instructions you can find at https://de.ifixit.com/ you will be able to change the oil yourself – Cheaper than the best oil change coupons!

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To find other oil change locations and possibly great oil change coupons, you can simply enter into Google ‘oil change specials near me’.  If you allow Google to get your current location, you will be presented with a number of shops that do oil changes and you will certainly also find great deals on oil change and a few express oil change coupons!




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