Car Rental Coupon

Why should we talk about a car rental coupon now that the holiday season is over and the weather does not really invite to go for a long drive? With the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend, some people travel large distances to meet up with family and friends, and often it’s cheaper to use a rental car for that. Also, end of November the weather can be ghastly, and if you drive an old car that is OK to get around your town, it might be safer to chose a rental car and maybe an all wheel drive to be sure to arrive safely. And renting with a car rental coupon is simply cheaper!

Car Rental Coupon

With a big safe 4 wheel drive you can master even very bad weather for your long drives – and with a car rental coupon it’s quite affordable too!

A Car Rental Coupon Can Save You A Bundle!

Rental companies are interested to attract as many customer as they possibly can. What better approach than offering special deals to members of clubs, large corporations and organizations? They only need to negotiate with a few people to get access to hundreds of thousands or even millions of potential customers. Often don’t even need to pay anything to get a mention in the internal channels of communication of these bodies to promote their car rental coupon.

Means for you: Before you even start looking for a good deal on rental cars, check with your employer, with all clubs and associations that you are a member of, whether they have arrangements with rental car agencies that will give you a car rental coupon for discounted rentals. All major car rental companies have such deals, you should find a car rental coupon from any or all of these companies: Avis coupons, Alamo coupons, Budget coupons, Dollar coupons, Enterprise coupons, Europcar coupons, Fox coupons, Hertz coupons, National coupons, Payless coupons, Sixt coupons, Thrifty coupons or Orbitz promo codes.

If you are not sure where to start looking, this site has list of different employers, clubs and organizations that are known to have special deals with rental car companies and even lists some of the car rental coupon codes that will give you a reduction.

But: Beware – A Car Rental Coupon Doesn’t Alway Offer The Best Deal….

The rental car business is a sometimes very twisted business, that is difficult to understand. Many factors influence the pricing for rental cars. If an agency has too many cars in one location and need to have them moving, you might get an even better deal for a specific date. Or you could end up getting an upgrade to a large vehicle category, even though you only booked a small economy car. How to find out? Best you use an online rate comparison site like i.e. this one: . This site will go out and compare the rates of all companies renting in the location you need a car. It then shows you all offers and you decide which one is the most attractive one.  It’s quick and better than any search for a car rental coupon you could do yourself.

Payless Coupon

Payless Coupon

With a Payless coupon code you can save quite a bit of money, when stocking up on winter shoes and boots. The snowy weather is only days away, and you can find a great selection of winter boots and other weather proof shoes to be protected for the cold season.

Payless shoes locations can be found in over 30 countries, in all there are over 4,400 stores. Payless ShoeSource is a global brand and a family footwear retailer with their home base in the USA.

Payless Coupon for Shoes for the Whole Family!

Payless Coupon

You may also use your Payless coupon in a brick and mortar shop, if you prefer to see and feel the shoes before you buy them.

The large choice of shoes for women, men and kids at Payless makes it easy to find the right shoes for every foot. And the brands that Payless offers are impressive too: Above The Rim, Airwalk, American Ballet Theatre for Spotlights, American Eagle, Batman, Brash, Bundles, Cars, Champion, Christian Siriano for Payless, City Sneaks, Comfort Plus by Predictions, Cross Trekkers, Dexflex Comfort, Dexter, Disney Princess, Despicable Me!, Doc McStuffins, Dora the Explorer, Fioni, Fioni Night, Frozen, Hello Kitty, Hunter’s Bay, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Liv and Maddie, Lower East Side, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, Minicci, Minnie Mouse Bowtique, Montego Bay Club, My Little Pony, Peds, Predictions, ProSprints, Rugged Outback, safeTstep, Sesame Street, Smartfit, Sofia the First, State Street, Superman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teeny Toes, Ultimate Spider-Man and finally Unforgettable Moments.

Especially when you have small children, buying shoes ever few months because the feet have grown again and don’t fit into the old shoes, can be very costly. Using your Payless coupon will significantly reduce the amount you need to spend.

Where To Find Your Payless Coupon

Right now there is promotion going on that offers free shipping for purchases of 35 Dollars or more. As a Payless Rewards member you get free shipping with the purchase of 50 Dollars or more all year long.

To never miss a Payless coupon I suggest you register for the Payless Rewards program in the US. (Please note that California, Massachusetts and Shopko® stores are excluded from the program.) To be accepted as a Payless Rewards member is very easy, all you need to do is to enter your name, mailing address, email address, and phone number on the special Payless rewards registration page

As a Payless Rewards member you receive a special birthday offer and throughout the year you will receive information about any new Payless coupon and also about special, exclusive Payless coupons that non-members will never see. The Payless coupon can be used online in the webshop, or as a Payless printable coupon that you can present in any of the countless Payless stores.

Quiznos Coupons

Quiznos Coupons

With Quiznos coupons you can get your toasted sandwich at a true bargain. Quiznos went through a bad spell earlier this year, when the corporation had to file for chapter 11 in March 2014. They were able to resolve the problem quickly and in July 2014 they were back in normal operation. Would have been a shame to see all these great Quiznos restaurants and their coupons disappear!

There are well over 2.000 Quiznos restaurants all over the U.S., privately owned franchises that serve great toasted sandwiches. On the Quiznos menu you also find  soups, salads and some truly awesome cookies. If you’ve never eaten at a Quiznos, then you should try them out. Toasting a sandwich brings out flavours that are simply delicious and their own breads are just soooo good!

Joining QClub to receive Quiznos coupons

The best way to keep up-to-date about promotions, printable Quiznos coupons and online Quiznos coupons is to sign up for the Quiznos newsletter. That will keep you posted at anytime with al developments at Quiznos and you can schedule your visits for a toasted sandwich at a discount easily.

There different links on the Quiznos website that will lead you to the sing up page for the QClub. All you need to enter is your email address, full name, date of birth and ZIP. With that, you local Quiznos restaurant will keep you updated with deals and offers.

Current Quiznos coupons

Quiznos Coupons

These Quiznos Coupons are made available regularly when you are member of the QClub. (Download this coupon from the Quiznos website – see link to the right).

To see what you will get when you sign up for the QClub, check out these current offers, they are valid for the next few days:

  • 1 $ Off a regular sub or salad – CLU # 5310-A
    (Quiznos coupons valid till Nov. 6th 2014)
  • Free Dessert – CLU #4333-B
    (Quiznos coupons valid till Nov. 3rd 2014)

There are more Quiznos coupons all the time, and with the membership at QClub you are being updated as they are made available. Saving a few dollars when eating out does not seem to be much, but when you make it a habit to only go to these restaurants that offer deals and discounts, you save a lot over the period of one year. Quiznos coupons are issued regularly and will allow you to save a lot money!



KFC Coupons

KFC Coupons

With KFC coupons you will enjoy your Kentucky Fried Chicken visit even more: Not only will you enjoy the finger likin chicken dishes that are seasoned with the traditional mix of 11 herbs and spices, but the KFC coupons you will also give your wallet a break!

The secret recipe of Colonel Sanders that makes the great taste of the original recipe Kentucky fried chicken is unequalled and always a great delight.

Even without KFC Coupons – Great meal for 5 Dollars:

Michael Barnhill shows you what he just gor for only 5 Dollars:

KFC call it the 5 Dollar Fill Ups, and they are excellent value for money. They come as “3 Piece Tenders”, “Famous Bowl”, “Breast Piece”, “Pot Pie”, “2 Piece Drum and Thigh”.  The Bowl and Pie come with a medium drink and a nice chocolate chip cookie, the other three in addition to that also with a flaky biscuit. For just 5 Dollars definitively a good buy, as good as using some KFC coupon!

KFC Coupons

With KFC Coupons a bucket full of finger likin good Kentucky Fried Chicken gets very affordable. Make sure you get all KFC coupons and sign up for the Colonel’s Club!

Harland D. Sanders, the founder of KFC was originally operation a fuel station that also served chicken in the private rooms of his adjoining house. Later The Colonel (a title that he received later) started to operate also a motel and continued to perfect his chicken recipe, finally creating this famous Kentucky Fried Chicken, using the same 11 herbs and spices that are still the basis of the KFC taste.  You’ve certainly seen one of the great TV spots where the Colonel talks about his recipe and the „Finger-lickin’ good“  taste of his chicken meals.


KFC Coupons from the Colonel’s Club

To make sure you’ll never miss a KFC coupon, you best sign up for the Colonel’s Club on the KFC site. Like this you will be getting information about special Colonel’s Club KFC coupons, like the one that is valid till end of this year:  4.99$ for a three piece extra crispy tenders meal!  It’s safest to get all KFC coupons that way.


Gymboree Coupon

Gymboree Coupon

With the current Gymboree Coupon you can get 20% off your entire purchase from now till October 14th 2014. That’s a great opportunity to grab a few outfits for your kids at a reduced rate. This is only good for your initial registration though.

If you are looking for great Halloween costumes there are some really sweet ones, also for the very little ones, and even without a Gymboree coupon they are 25% off right now!

This Gymboree coupon is valid at the more than 600 Gymboree stores in the USA and Canada and at the over 160 Gymboree Outlet stores – and naturally also at the website.

But there is more, right now till October 5th 2014, you can actually get 50% off by using your Gymbucks.

50% Off Gymboree Coupon

Gymboree Coupon

Use your Gymboree coupon to shop at Gymboree, they have great promotions going on right now!

Yes, you get to pay 50% of your purchase in Gymbucks, a special reward you receive when buying at Gymboree. For every 50 Dollars purchase you can redeem 25 Gymbucks and pay only 25 Dollars. To receive these Gymbucks, all you need to do is join their rewards program and you are automatically credited the Gymbucks when you buy an item and present your Gymboree Rewards card.

The actual value of these Gymbucks is 2% off for a start, you get 5 Gymbucks for every 250 points, and the points are equivalent to the dollars you pay.  That is valid for Gymboree stores, Gymboree Outlet stores and the Gymboree website.

Where To Get Your 20% Off Gymboree Coupon

There is a great 20% off Gymboree coupon that you can get right now, by registering on their website for this promotion. This Gymboree promo code is only valid for the initial registration.

Also, if you are in to having a credit card for every retailer (I don’t really…) they have their ‘own’ Visa card and will give you instant 5% off all purchases at Gymboree. Up to you to check this out and judge if one more credit card is really what you want.

When you register as a Gymboree Rewards member you are sure not to miss any Gymboree coupon anymore, as you will receive regular updates and information about new promotions and the latest Gymboree coupon.

Hertz Discount Codes

Hertz Discount Codes

With Hertz discount codes you can save quite a bit when renting a car. Often people who don’t regularly hire a car, are not aware that most car rental agencies have tariffs for different customer groups, and that some people get hefty discounts, while others pay full price.

Hertz Discount Codes For Everybody?

This title seems to be a bit provocative, but it’s very close to reality. When you’re a member of AAA, belong to a buyers club or work for large company, chances are you qualify for several Hertz discount codes and only need to find out which one is the best:

There is no need to go full price. With a bit of planing and using the deals arranged by your existing associations, or if you work for a large corporation, you can benefit from Hertz employee discounts, get a Hertz student discount or a Hertz military discount.

Hertz Discount Codes

With Hertz discount codes your rental car bill will come out a lot cheaper!

Finding out about Hertz discount codes can sometimes be a bit tricky and you might need to make a few calls to get the best travel savings. Not all associations that have made a deal with Hertz rental cars are communicating this efficiently to their members. Go through your memberships and check if you find any information in respect to hiring cars. If you can’t find infos, make a call and ask, often you will be astonished what great additional benefits you can get. Also if you’re member of a buyers club like Sam’s or any other, or even is you hold a customer card of one of the large department stores, some sort of Hertz discount might be included or you can get Hertz coupons from them.

How To Find Out If You Qualify For Hertz Discount Codes

The easiest way to find out about Hertz discount codes is to check on a website that lists many of the associations and their deals, often indicating the code you can use, or at least telling you what you need to do to get a discount code: This Car Rental Codes website has a lot of useful information.




HomeTown Buffet Coupons

HomeTown Buffet Coupons

With HomeTown Buffet coupons delicious meals for the whole family get quite affordable.

HomeTown Buffet has a Family Night each Thursday night from 5 to 8 p.m.  There you get ‘Breakfast for Dinner’, something that is very popular among families. If you like pancakes, waffles, sausage, and sliced bacon and if you love egg dishes, then this is for you and your family: The special eggs to order station will prepare omelets with various fixings, and a variety of scramblers right before your eyes! In short: you’ll simply love it and eating out is fun!

Hometown Buffet Coupons

With HomeTown Buffet coupons all these delicious dishes become even more affordable! A great place to eat out with your family. HomeTown Buffet locations can be found in many states.


Use Your HomeTown Buffet Coupons for Breakfast Lunch or Dinner

The regular Breakfast at HomeTown Buffet locations is usually served from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Saturdays and 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Sundays. During weekdays you get breakfast usually already from 7:30-10 a.m. These opening hours vary from location to location, so it’s a good idea to check the information for you prefered HomeTown Buffet locations.

The buffet also looks great for lunch and dinner, the choices are even larger and it might be a good idea to have a ‘battle plan’ ready to make the most out of your lunch or dinner out:


How To Make The Most Out Of Your HomeTown Buffet Coupons

OK, you have great HomeTown Buffet coupons and you’re ready to get started at the buffet. To truly enjoy the meal and get the most out of it, it’s important to first get the overview of what’s there and to plan your meal. Best way to do this is to walk around the various stations and see what’s there.

Now that you have a rough plan what you will eat, help yourself to a first serving, taking only VERY SMALL portions of what looks appealing. You want to taste it before you go for larger portions!  £If you follow this procedure systematically for your entrée, the main dishes and dessert, you’ll be sure to have a great, enjoyable meal.

Where To Get Your HomeTown Buffet Coupons

On the website of HomeTown Buffet there are a few things you can do to get HomeTown Buffet coupons:

HomeTown Buffet coupons for kids:  HomeTown Buffet has a Birthday Kids Club. You can register and your kid will be treated to ‘something special’ i.e a free meal and he or she will get other special offers that are also appealing to the whole family.

HomeTown Buffet coupons for all customers: You should join the Crave Connection Club. This will makes sure that you never miss a promotion or special discount at HomeTown Buffet. Also you will, depending on your circumstances, be eligible for any or all of these special discounts: Senior Discount, Family Discount for Kids Under 11, Group Discount or Military Discount. Messages with information about HomeTown Buffet coupons will be either sent to your email address or your mobile phone, the choice is yours.

NTB Coupons

NTB Tires – NTB Coupons

It may seem a bit early to think about snow tires, but the winter will be here soon, and looking out for cheap NTB snow tires and NTB coupons is a good idea! These promotions usually run at the beginning of the tire change season and once the snow is here, you’ll pay much higher prices for all car services, especially winter tires!

Also, when you are ready and look out for great tire deals, you often can get prime brand snow tires at excellent prices, especially when you got your NTB coupons.

As Good AS NTB Coupons : NTB tires 100$ Off

From September 1st to September 15th 2014, NTB runs a great tire promotion with very interesting NTB coupons. You can get 100$ Off your purchase of 4 tires, and that includes brand names like Goodyear, Cooper, Nitto and Pirelli, to name just a few.  You find this deal right on the NTB homepage. And you can get a further rebate by using additional NTB coupons related to specific tire brands:

  • Up tp 100$ mail in rebate on a Visa prepaid card  for 4 Kumho tires
  • Up to 80$ mail in rebate on an American Express reward card for 4 Hankook tires
  • Up tp 70$ mail in rebate on a Visa prepaid card  for 4 Cooper tires
  • Up tp 70$ mail in rebate on a Visa prepaid card  for 4 General tires
  • Up tp 60$ mail in rebate on a Visa prepaid card  for 4 Pirelli Scorpion tires
  • Up tp 50$ mail in rebate on a Visa prepaid card  for 4 Falken ZE950 tires

All these NTB coupons for tires are ready for you to print out on their homepage, use the link above.

This is a great NTB tire sale: If your needs match up with the tires on promotion, you could get up to 200$ off! You don’t need any NTB promo codes, just make sure you print the NTB coupons on their home page and take them all along, you never know what offer appeals most, and maybe you can help an other customer by handing over the NTB coupons you don’t need!


NTB Coupons

Using this NTB tire coupon and any of the NTB Coupons for tire brands combined can save you up to 200$. If the NTB location next to you does not offer this, it might be worthwhile to check other NTB locations nearby to check if they offer these NTB coupons!

How to find your NTB Coupons and check if the NTB location near you has them in stock:

As the 100$ Off tire offer is only for tires in stock at the location, it might be worthwhile for you to go online and use the homepage of NTB to check. First you need to enter the type of vehicle you are driving and the tires you have mounted on it.  That will make things a lot easier for you and is worth the two minutes it takes to set these parameters.

Now go to the ‘Tires and Wheels’ tab on top of the page, or simply add ‘snow tires’ in the search box and hit enter. Next you need to enter your zip code so that you are linked to the next NTB location, and then you see what snow tires fit your vehicle, and which ones have rebates (Watch out for the blue NTB coupons buttons).

Should you not find some tires that offer both the NTB coupon with 100$ and a NTB coupon for a specific brand combined, you should try any other NTB locations by changing the address you chose initially. For that it’s easiest to use the store locator, a small text link on the top of the page or simply click the ‘Change’ link next to the store indication once you chose your store.

NTB tire coupons are also great, because their service can be found nationwide and the tires you buy with NTB can be traded in at full value up to 30 days after they are mounted should you not like them, and you get free tire rotation every 6 months. And for that great service you don’t even need NTB coupons!