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When you are moving things, a well negociated Uhaul truck rental can save you a bundle if you plan it right – we show you here what to do to reduce the cost of moving considerably. Moving truck rental companies have very busy days and very slow days, and if they don’t like something, then it’s trucks standing around instead of being on the road.  Moving trucks that are not rented out are costing them a lot of money.  That’s why you can find a cheap truck rental on so called ‘off days’. It’s a lot more economical for the truck rental companies to get their rental trucks on the road at a reduced or discounted rate, than having them stand around and earning nothing at all. Your chances of getting a Uhaul truck rental discount or finding Uhaul truck rental coupons are high for these days!

Uhaul Truck Rental – The Best Days

If you have the possibility to plan your transport in such a way that you are not moving things when everybody else is doing the same, then you have the advantage in the negociation about rates and maybe also U-Haul truck sizes on your side. Yes, you should not only negociate the price for your truck rentals, but you should also try and get as large a truck as possible, as long as you’re able to drive it with your drivers licence and as long as you’re not getting into too high fuel cost because it’s too large. Having a sizeable U-Haul truck is often much easier, than trying to cram all your things in a too tight space. People who rent a truck often underestimate the volume of their belongings and their Uhaul truck rental deal is not ideal, to say the least.

Uhaul truck rental
This 10 foot Uhaul moving truck ist just one example of the many Uhaul truck sizes that are available for your cheap Uhaul truck rental deal.

Uhaul Truck Rental – How To Get It Cheap From Different Uhaul Locations

There is more about negociating the best possible Uhaul truck rental deal for your move: Uhaul station managers are under pressure to make sure that the moving trucks they have in their station are moving and not standing still. So you can actually use this knowledge to have even more leverage in your price negotiations:  Search for “Uhaul truck rental near me”, “Uhaul truck rental discounts”, “Uhaul truck rental deals” or “Uhaul truck rental rates” in Google. You should copme up with a bunch of U-Haul locations and their conditions. Pick the one closest to your address (after all you will have to go and pick up your moving truck or pickup truck rental from there, so you want a short distance if possible). Now compare the conditions of the other locations further away and note what they are offering. Pick the best deal and call the manager of the U-haul location nearest to you. Tell him that you are ready for a Uhaul truck rental deal, but that his offer is more expensive than what you could get at an other U-haul location. Ask if he is ready to accept this deal also. In most cases you will get a straight “yes” and BINGO!! you have saved substantial money on your Uhaul truck rental contract.

Uhaul Truck Rental – Uhaul Truck Sizes

The Uhaul truck sizes come from small pickup truck rental deals to truly large Uhaul trucks that will accomodate even the most voluminous household easily. Sometimes you will be offered an upgrade from one Uhaul truck size to the next larger one. This can be great, if you are driving just a short distance, but it can become prohibitively expensive if you are going on a long journey with hundreds or even thousands of miles. So be careful, not every upgrade to bigger Uhaul truck sizes is to your advantage. If the fuel consumed costs you a lot more, you lose money! Not all deals for cheap moving trucks that look great at first glance are good….

Uhaul Truck Rental – Compare Against The Competition

Finally, even though Uhaul is market leader, there are other rental companies that offer truck rentals too. Sometimes there are lesser known, small local companies that offer rental trucks too. Search for  “truck rental near me” or “moving truck rental near me”. You might be lucky and find even cheaper moving trucks like this.  You should also try looking for “Hertz truck rental” or “cheap truck rental”, to do a final comparison of the prices and conditions, to make sure you are not overpaying your Uhaul truck rental. Shoulkd you find a better offer, use it to contact the manager of ‘your’ Uhaul location and see if he is ready to match or even better these conditions. In most cases you will find that the specialists for truck rentals i.e. U-Haul, definitively offer the most competitive conditions.

With a Uhaul truck rental you have flexibility, choice of truck sizes and the knowledge that there are Uhaul locations everywhere, should you run into problems.




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  1. Nathan Carter

    I like that you talk about not using too much fuel during your U-Haul rental. Fuel is super expensive, and I feel like it would add a bunch to your moving costs. Over long distances, I feel the smaller trucks would have the better gas mileage.


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