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Good running shoes can be quite expensive, but they are important to protect your health; so using an Eastbay promo code when buying your next pair of exclusive running shoes will help keep the expenses down.  The development of running shoes for women especially has taken a large step forwards with the Adidas company’s launch of the stretch sole on running shoes.

Eastbay Promo Code – Best Running Shoes For Women

Adidas has a number of interesting concepts when it comes to running shoes, and they have found out in research, that womens feet move differently when running.  Their models Adidas Pure Boost X and Adidas Pure Boost X Trainer are built to allow womens feet to move freely and thus make running a lot more enjoyable. The good news is that Eastbay will ship these running shoes free of charge, you don’t even need to present an Eastbay promo code!

eastbay promo code
The new sole of the Adidas Pure Boost X allows for flexibility of the entire running shoe. Free shipping even without an Eastbay promo code!

Eastbay Promo Code – Asics Womens Running Shoes

An other development in womens running shoes is the new Fuzex technology of Asics. They have now blended gel and foam for their new Fuzex soles and say that this technology absorbes shocks even better and makes you faster at the same time. Just like for the Adidas running shoes, the Asics running shoes come with free shipment and no need to present an Eastbay promo code to get this.

eastbay promo code
The Asics Fuzex running shoe with the new foam and gel sole.

Eastbay Promo Codes – Nike Running Shorts

Running outdoors is a lot more fun than doing your daily routine on the machine in a gym or at home. Feeling the fresh air and sun on your skin is so much more fun! With the new Nike running shorts you will enjoy the outdoors and will feel the rays of the sun on your skin. I love this feeling of moving swiftly on my favorite track in free nature. This is pure bliss!  The running shorts are my standard outfit for good weather and when it gets a bit cooler, I love to wear the Nike Pro compression tights. Many of the running shorts and running tights are on sale right now, and again: No shipping cost and no need to present Estbay promo codes.

eastbay promo codes

Where To Get Your Eastbay Promo Code

Some items only are cheaper when you can present an Eastbay promo code. And these promo codes for Eastbay are not easy to find. Your best bet is to get on the mailing list of Eastbay, so that you get their infos right into your mailbox.

The downside of this is, that Eastbay make a business out of sending you these offers. Customers who want to become a member, need to sign up and pay….  USD 19.99 for an Eastbay Premier membership that includes

  • Free 3-Day Shipping For One Year
  • Exclusive Premier-Member-Only Email Offers
  • 25% Off A Future Purchase (No Minimum)
    With A One-Time-Use Code.

The maths are simple: Ignoring the free shipping deal, as many items are shipped free anyhow, and only looking on your savings with the 24% off Eastbay coupon code you will get, you will get a reduction on your purchase the moment you buy an item that is more expensive than USD 80. 25% off with the Eastbay promo code means you will only pay USD60, a savings of USD20, the amount you will spend to become and Eastbay Premier Member.  There is also an Eastbay Platinum membership that basically offers the same Eastbay promo code, and I guess, very similar email offers, cost: USD 39.99… up to you what you chose.

If you plan on buying several items, the bill will quickly become USD 100 and more, and in this case it’s worth it to subscribe and pay the USD 20 entry fee, you’ll get more back with the Eastbay promo code that is mailed to you.




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