Kings Island Coupons

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Visiting the great Kings Island amusement park and water park in the Midwest can be quite expensive, when you bring the whole family and don’t have Kings Island coupons. Preparing for the coming holidays or just for a few days away, you should look at what happens at Kings Island. There is plenty to do at the Kings Island Amusement Park, and with Kings Island coupons it gets affordable: Among other attractions they have two truly amazing roller coasters:

The Banshee Roller Coaster – View The Ride:

The Kings Island Banshee roller coaster is the longest inverted roller coaster there is worldwide. Riding it you do seven inversions, climb and fall 208 feet and get a ride with a speed of 68 mph on a track that measures over 4000 feet.  Tip: If yo don’t want to waste time waiting in line, plan your ride on the Banshee roller coaster for the afternoon, lines are much shorter than in the morning when everybody wants to make sure they get their thrill. Early evening hours are even better!

Making the best use of your Kings Island coupons, there are more  thrill roller coasters you should try: among them the Firehawk roller coaster (a flying roller coaster with three inversions in a face-down position), The Beast (high-speed wooden roller coaster), Diamondback (high-speed steel roller coaster, lots of banked turns and airtime humps) and the Invertigo (inverted looping roller coaster with three upside down spins both forward and backward). If you love roller coasters, then these five rides are a must!

Kings Island Coupons
The Firehawk is just one of the great rides that you can enjoy with your Kings Island coupons

Kings Island Coupons are also Soak City Coupons:

For families who love water, the Soak City water park is a great place to have fun, when you have your Kings Island coupons, you also have Soak City coupons! These are the attractions I love best and that are included in your Kings Island /Soak City tickets:  Breakers Bay, the wave pool that is on and off every five minutes, great for kids, or the more aggressive Tidal Wave Bay with truly smashing waves – great fun!!!  If you are in to body surfing, then Pipeline Paradise with it’s  straight waves and a curled wave is for you. And if you love water slides, Paradise Plunge, Thunder Falls (tube slide), Rendezvous Run (head-first mat slide) or the Tropical Twister ( enclosed body slide) are for you.

Great Family Entertainment with Kings Island Coupons

If you are a family with smaller kids, or simply prefer the less challenging rides, you will find plenty of great rides too. Among other great rides you get these with your Kings Island coupons: Take a  peaceful railroad trip powered by authentic steam-powered engines, or take the elevator to the 275 foot replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris that offers a spectacular view of the Kings Island amusement park.

Rides vary from the tranquil traditional Grand Carousel with wooden horses and chariot seating to more challenging Congo Falls, a water flume ride that will get every body quite wet as your boat will splash down a 43-foot raging waterfall into the rapids below – great and wet fun!!!

There is plenty to do at Kings Island park, and you will find that one day is by far not enough to see and ride everything….  Other than Kings Island coupons, you also have season ticket options, and for more Kings Island deals, it might make sense to add a meal option to your tickets, that will save in addition to the Kings Island coupons you have.

Kings Island Military Discount

Kings Island stages every year their Military Days, also for 2014: All active and retired members of the military  will receive free admission to the King Island amusement and waterpark during the Fourth of July holiday July 3-6 2014.

At other times of the year, the Kings Island military discount off the regular Front Gate admission price is offered to active members of the military. The Kings Island military discount offer is available only at the park and is valid for up to six family members. A valid military ID must be presented.

 Where To Get Your Kings Island Coupons

As is often the case, the best source is Kings Island amusement park themselves. They offer regularly incentives and Kings Island coupons to their subscribers. To subscribe for the Kings Island newsletter that will keep you informed about all Kings Island coupons you can go here




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