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With these Longhorn coupons you will even more appreciate your visit to the Longhorn Steakhouse! This restaurant is great! Anybody who loves a good steak and appreciates quality meat comes back over and over again.  The juicy steaks and yummy side dishes you get on the Longhorn Steakhouse menu make every trip there unforgettable and a really great evening or lunch out.

The Longhorn Menu with Longhorn Coupons

Looking at the Longhorn menu makes your mouth water! It does not matter if you’re just in for a quick lunch or a sumptuous dinner. The items on the Longhorn menu are simply great. I love the Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich for lunch, combined with the Best of LongHorn Sampler appetizers. They obviously also do great steaks at lunch time, but I prefer to have a bit more time to appreciate good food, so steaks are for my dinner visits.

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A great dinner might look like this: For starters I’ll order the Crab & Artichoke Dip and a portion of Sweet Chili Calamari. If you are two or more people, there are more choices like i.e. the Grilled White Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms. Sharing these is a lot of fun. When it comes to steaks, the Longhorn menu leaves nothing, these are my two favorites: I’m usually either going for the Ribeye or if I’m really hungry I have a go at the Porterhouse For Two, a gigantic steak that you should only order if you are a really big eater…. but it tastes GREAT!!!!


Longhorn Coupons – Longhorn Steakhouse Locations

There are well over 450 Longhorn Steakhouse location throughout the United States, with the largest number of restaurants in these seven states:

  • Florida Longhorn Steakhouse locations (80)
  • Georgia Longhorn Steakhouse locations (70)
  • Ohio Longhorn Steakhouse locations (40)
  • Pennsylvania Longhorn Steakhouse locations (35)
  • Texas Longhorn Steakhouse locations (35)
  • North Carolina Longhorn Steakhouse locations (25)
  • South Carolina Longhorn Steakhouse locations (20)

To find the Longhorn Steakhouse location next to you, you best use the restaurant locator on the Longhorn Steakhouse website.

Longhorn Coupons – Longhorn Gift Cards

From 1/1/2016 to 2/7/2016 the Longhorn Steakhouse runs a gift card promotion that offers a bonus of US$5 for the purchase of a gift card of US$ 25. These gift cards are also valid for these other Darden group restaurants: Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, Yard House or Red Lobster.


Where to get your Longhorn Coupons

By joining the LongHorn eClub you get a Longhorn coupon for a free appetizer and will be notified of specials and other available Longhorn coupons as they are made available.







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