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If you are a pizza fan, then you must make sure you check your Round Table Pizza restaurant for Round Table coupons every time you go out to eat there!  Eating out at the Round Table pizza restaurant is really more like being invited into an Italian family’s home to enjoy yummy Italian food! This chain is an example of how I’d like to see restaurants showing their promos, discounts and coupons. More about that further down in this article.

Let’s first have a look at the locations of Round Table pizza. This is a pizza restaurant with a long and impressive presence: In 1959 the original founder, Bill Larson, opened his first small Round Table Pizza Parlor in Menlo Park, California. That’s over 55 years ago!  Today you can find Round Table Pizza restaurants in many more states, a total of over 500 locations are ready and waiting for you.

Use Round Table coupons for really fresh pizzas!

The secret of the success of the Round Table pizza restaurants is their committment to really fresh ingredients and generous toppings. Their dough is not some deep frozen industrial dough, no, they actually start off their day with making fresh dough from scratch, “every day, in every restaurant”.

Round Table Coupons
With these Round Table Coupons you save quite a bit of money!

Where to find your Round Table Coupons:

Always a good way to keep updated and not to miss Round Table coupons is to subscribe to the Round Table Pizza eClub, you’ll receive specials ba email and are sure to get all Round Table coupons as they are made available.

Finding current Round Table pizza coupons is, for once, quite easy. As I mentioned, this company is an example of how pizza coupons should be presented to customers.  On their website you can first chose the location of your favorite Round Table restaurant, and then you can click on the link below the address to check for printable coupons.

When I checked today, there were few restaurants that had no promotion going on, but I also found really attractive deals:

The Round Table coupons for Springfield, OR:  a $29.99 special for a large specialty pizza, 6 twists and 2 liter soda – a coupon for $7 off any 2 extra large pizzas and $5 off any 2 large pizzas.

The Round Table coupons for Redmond, WA: a $21.99 special for a large 1 topping pizza, 6 twists and 2 liter soda – a coupon for an other special $19.99 for any large specialty pizza, then a coupon for $5 off any 2 large pizzas and finally a coupon for a $14 large 1 topping pizza.

The Round Table coupons for Long Beach, CA: a special deal at $19.99 for any large specialty pizza, a coupon for $3 off any x-large pizza and $2 off for any large pizza.

You see, the deals and discounts offered with these Round Table coupons vary from location to location, but it’s certainly worth the 2 minutes it takes to check their website to make sure you get the current Round Table coupons to save money!






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