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Carraba’s Italian Grill is a great Italian restaurant chain that loves food! They offer Carraba’s coupons which makes a visit to this great Italian food place not only enjoyable, but also quite economical. Carraba’s is about Sicilian food. Sicily is the triangular island off the southern tip of Italy, it’s hot down there and these people love food, eating and being together. That’s why at Carraba’s it’s not just food or Italian food you get.

At Carraba’s it’s the Sicilian way of life as it has been transferred from Italy to Texas. The two founders of Carraba’s – Johnny Carrabba and Damian Mandola – let the food be cooked following the recipes of Grace Mandola, Damian’s mother (she is also Johnny’s grandmother) and that of his sister Rose Mandola. Means you get genuine home style finger licking good food.

Watch The Food Being Cooked For You – With Carraba’s Coupons

Carraba's Coupons
The kitchen is visible to all at Carraba’s – That’s why you know that you will eat well and at a great price with Carraba’s coupons

One of the most significant items in any of the Carraba’s kitchens is the wood-burning grill. It’s on this grill that delicious grill specialties like Chicken Bryan or Pollo Rosa Maria are prepared.  And at Carraba’s it’s possible to near litereally sit ‘in the kitchen’ (actually it’s tables next to the kitchen with a view on what’s going on in the kitchen) like was the case in most old Italian houses: Guests and family often sat together in the kitchen and talked, had antipasti and watched the mammas cook, preparing the meal for everybody.

If you love to cook, they have a cookbook available: “Carrabba’s Italian Grill: Recipes from Around Our Family Table” where you find 75 of their most popular recipes to cook at home!

Where To Get Your Carraba’s Coupons

The Amici Club is a special Club for Carraba’s customers who want to be involved and hear what is going on at Carraba’s restaurants. You can sign up to become an amigo (friend – Amici is the Italian word for friends) on their website. This will mean you get special invitations to events at a restaurant in your area, you are offered special fixed price dinners and you receive Carraba’s coupons on occasion. Definitely worth it – sign up and be sure not to miss any Carraba’s coupons in future.




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