TGIF Coupons

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TGIF Coupons can be quite elusive, as TGI Fridays generally only offer coupons for openings and special occasions. Eating out at TGIF is always an experience, and their menus are simply delicious. Like with other restaurant coupons from different chains, there are changing deals and sometimes you get lunch coupons, sometimes there are dinner coupons that arrive on your cellphone, just keep an eye on what’s offered and enjoy!

The Friday’s restaurants usually offer also a happy hour and together with their excellent drinks, their hot snacks make a great way to start into the weekend! Hot Jalapeno pepper taste and cool drinks, do you know of a better way to chill and get ready for two splendid days off?

I certainly simply love the atmosphere of TGIF and am making good use of any TGIF coupons I can get hands on.

Here’s a new restaurant that has just opened and that offers a coupon that is valid for a long time: TGI Friday’s, 1552 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

TGIF Coupons


TGIF Coupons – What the name means:

T.G.I. Friday’s (the name is often shortened to only “Friday’s”, also written “FRiDAY’S”, оr even shorter “T.G.I.s” іn thе United Kingdom аnd Ireland) iѕ а casual dining restaurant chain based in the USA, belonging to the Carlson Companies group. The meaning of TGIF is “Thank Heavens It’s Friday,” and should reflect the relief of having made it through a hard weeks work and that it’s now time to celebrate and have a good time over the weekend.

Where to get more TGIF Coupons

TGI Fridays have a great program for regulars that lets you profit from plenty of perks, among them also TGIF coupons. It’s called “Give Me More Stripes” and is directly related to your spending at the TGIF restaurants.  Just for singning up you receive your first coupon that will allow you to get a free dessert or appetizer with an order of a main dish. And you get free ‘jump the line’ pass to immediately be seated when arriving at a crowded restaurant – how’s that for feeling like a VIP?

When you sign up you need to give them your email address and you can also give them you cellphone number which will then connect to your “Give Me More Stripes” app, that can display TGIF coupons directly on-screen. Like this you are sure to have the perks all the time with you and to be ready even for a spontaneous visit to Friday’s.  The TGIF Coupons are officially called ‘Reward Certificates’ – we simply call them TGIF Coupons because they give you great deals and help you save when eating out.

Signing up for TGIF Coupons can be done easily here on their website

An other great way to get TGIF Coupons is to purchase gift cards. Right now they have a promo going on that gets you $5 additional when you buy a $25 gift card and even $10 extra when you go for the $50 gift card.  Friday’s gift cards can be ordered here.  How’s that for creating your own TGIF Coupons?



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