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We’ve just finished our survey to find the best sources for cheap Jordans. These are the sites that offer cheap Jordans: The price differences on the net are incredibly high, one would not think that the owners of some shoe shops know that people do compare the prices for Jordans shoes…. But it looks like they aredoi ng some business as well… But not with people like you who know about price comparison, coupons and who find their cheap Jordans because they look at the right places.

Cheap Jordans – Different Jordan Models

Jordan Spizikes

The Jordan Spzikes have been a hot runner for a very long time, they are a fusion of different Jordan models and offer so much variety and color combinations that there is something for everybody and the wearers can differentiate themselves with these great looking Spizikes!

Jordan 1 Flight

Cheap Jordans
The Jordan 1 Flight is one of the more popular Jordan models. Cheap Jordans can be difficult to find, but there are shops that offer significant discounts (see list below)

Also very popular are the Jordan 1 Flight, an athletic shoe gone casual and looking very trendy. So many different color combinations, that these seem to be totally different shoes! From a combination of black, true red and olive to a more sober but very distinguished light graphite, black, stealth and white you get nearly everything here. And the air cushion makes walking more a floating operation!

Jordan AJ 1 ’97

And then there is the Jordan AJ 1 ’97, a retro model inspired by the two best seller of years long gone: The legends everybody will remember: Air Jordan XIII and Air Jordan I. The color choices here are limited to a white model, a black and a white one.

Jordan Son of Mars

A new and very popular Jordan athletic shoe is the Jordan Son of Mars. That model only comes in either white with black trimmings or in black with white and blue trimmings. Great looking Jordan!

Where to find cheap Jordans

There are currently no coupons for Jordans, but the competition among shops is fierce and when you look around, you can find great offers. Cheap Jordans can be found online at a few shops, our favorites for cheap Jordans are:

  • Finish Line
  • Amazon  (yes, you will find great offers here too!)
  • Ebay (here it takes some patience, but occasional great offers too)

When it comes to Ebay, cheap Jordans can also be fakes, so be careful to make sure the seller’s reputation is good and read the reviews.

Jordans For Girls

Jordans are not just a boy thing. There are many great things by Jordans For Girls! Watch the video below for some great examples o Jordans For Girls: Great colors and quite a few nice accessories that match them perfectly.

Cheap Jordans for girls – power to the color pink!  🙂



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