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Chipotle Mexican restaurant and grill – If you love Mexican food, Chipotle is a great place to dine out! Enjoying a great burrito and knowing that you will have a reduction on the tab with Chipotle coupons makes the meal taste even better! The Mexican cuisine has a lot to offer and at Chipotle they prepare the food with a lot of attention to details to make sure it tastes delicious.These are great restaurant deals!

Even better than Chipotle coupons: Win an After-Prom Party for 500!

Chipotle Coupons
Delicious Burritos, paid for in part with Chipotle Coupons

Right now Chipotle restaurants are running a great promo and contest, that will allow six people to hold an after prom party for 500 people! Just imagine to be able to invite 500 friends to your after prom party! An other 100 runners-up will win a dinner for 10 gift card and will be able to celebrate their achievement together with them.

If you or somebody you know will be holding an after-prom party these coming days, let them know where to participate: Here are the official infos and terms and conditions: Chipotle Party promotion

Chipotle Coupons at the Chipotle Cultivate Festivals 2013

Chipotle will certainly again offer Chipotle coupons for their three festivals this year, as they already did in 2012. The 2013 Chipotle Cultivate Festivals will take place in

  • San Francisco, June 8th 2013 – Golden Gate Park
  • Denver, August 17th 2013 –  City Park
  • Chicago, September 7th 2013 – Lincoln Park

At the Cultivate Festivals, you’ll find a great mix of food, farmers, chefs, artisans, thought leaders and musicians.  Here’s a video clip of las year’s 2012 Chipotle Cultivate Festival:

Chipotle Cultivate Festival
Check out Cultivate, a festival that brings together food, farmers, chefs and musicians. For more info, visit You’ll find infos about Chipotle coupons online

These festivals are there to raise the awareness about the way we consume and produce our food. Chipotle has a policy to only use food that is as natural as possible. In their “Food with Integrity” policy they stipulate that will not use meat that is grown with the addition of hormones and antibiotics. They select their suppliers from farmers who use natural methods and give their animals the space they need.

Chipotle says that they believe that meat produced that way, from happy animals tastes better and is certainly also healthier for us humans.

How To Get Your Chipotle Coupons:

Chipotle are somewhat a bit restrictive with their coupons, and don’t publish them often. Right now there are none that I know of. But you can sign up at their website to get email alerts when there are promotions and coupons: Chipotle Coupons



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