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Great Clips has a promotion running where you can get 50% off your hair cut with Great Clips coupons! Here’s how to find Great Clips promotions. Great Clips are most likely the most convenient hair dresser you can find, having opening hours in the evening and on weekends. Also you don’t have to make an appointment, just walk in! You’ll find that they offer very affordable, quality haircuts (even cheaper when you present Great Clips coupons!). And the atmosphere is great, comfortable and friendly, something you don’t find in all salons.

Even though it’s a franchise system with salons all over the U.S., when you walk in you feel a very personal atmosphere and it’s more like walking in to a single owner hair dresser salon. Great clips is also involved in many social and community help activities. Like i.e. the Family haircut action they had recently in Rochester:

Great Clips – Doing Their Part to Help Families – New City, NY Patch
Many families have been impacted by the broader economy and have a hard time keeping up with little things that life requires. Add in the additional burdens of super storms like Sandy and consumers are barely getting by.

Great Clips Coupons
Nice haircut and friendly service at Great Clips – Affordable with Great Clips Coupons

Great Clips near me:

Finding the next Great Clips close by can be easy. Simply use the term ‘Great Clips near me‘ when you search and you should get a list of the Great Clips shops next to your location. Make sure you compare them and find out, whether they have Great Clips promotions and accept the Great Clips coupons!

Why astronauts can’t use Great Clips Coupons:

One thing is sure, you’ll get a more elaborate and nicer hair cut than the guys in space. They are not so fortunate to have a Great Clips shop: In space, cutting hair and getting a new hair-do is complicated. After all, they don’t want the cut hair to float about, so they have to use a hair cutter/vacuum-cleaner device to make sure the cut hair is sucked up immediately:

Chris Hadfield gets a haircut on the ISS
Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield filmed a recent “clip and buzz” in the weightless environment of the ISS: International Space “Salon”. Credit: CSA/NASA For more info on hygiene in space:


How To Get Your Great Clips Coupons and Great Clips Promotions:

You have the chance to win free haircuts for a year here, valid till December 31st 2016.  Also check the Great Clips website for more Great Clips coupons and promotions. They always have interesting hair cut Great Clips deals and more Great Clips Coupons on their website!



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