Couponing can help you stretch the monthly budget and certainly will save you money with your regular and special shopping. The smart buyer will always check if there is a possibility to get bargains or a special deal with coupons (possibly from a Sunday newspaper coupon insert) before buying a major item. That helps to protect the budget and makes a lot of sense. What many forget is, that with our daily shopping for the regular needs, there are possibilities to save big with couponing too.

Couponing Can Help You Extend Your Budget!

Couponing is the magic word: Many manufacturers and retailers offer either free samples, or discount coupons to their customers. Usually for a short time only and not always it’s the same grocery store that has a special deal. If you plan your shopping and are flexible, then you can get many non perishable items or items that have a decent shelf life at a fraction of the regular price. Saving money with coupons can add up substantially, and if you get the hang of it, it’s really a lot of fun!

Saving 50 cents here and getting one free if you buy 2 or 3 items seems to be not very important, so why bother? Well, if you start to use coupons, you will soon see the power of the small amounts. They add up quickly into a two digit dollar amount, and many families save well over 100 dollars every month by using coupons. Some people call this extreme couponing, I just call it smart!

Couponing – How To Start

Well, you have just started and already a member of the couponing community, you’re reading this article and seem to be interested enough to have read to down here. In this blog there are hints for many different grocery stores, department stores, restaurants and service organizations like hair dresser chains etc. Reading through these posts will give you a good idea what is going on. You will soon realize that you are ‘overpaying’ often, when going to places, just because you did not look for a coupon deal. Do you like to leave money on the table? I’m sure not, so this is a good reason to start couponing right now!

Getting 20% discount or even more with a coupon is what makes couponing such fun!

Couponing pros actually start to collect coupons and get them organized in a way that allows them to find the coupons quickly when they need them. A good place to start that is the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts. If you don’t get a Sunday paper, check with friends or neighbors that get one and might not need the inserts, if you can collect several inserts, that will give you double coupons, to either use two for one purchase (mostly not possible) or to get more than one item at the reduced price.

Couponing is a lot of fun, and will let you save big – get started cutting coupons!



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