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When you are looking for a drive through car wash in your area, you might find a few good carwash stations when you Google ‘car wash near me’ or ‘car wash’ and your city. A good self service car wash can save you a lot of time and still get your car very clean for relatively little money. It’s not the same as getting your car cleaned thoroughly by a car detailing company, but it will do in most cases. Also often you can get a really cheap carwash when having your oil changed or other service performed at your local service station.

Drive Through Car Wash – How To Save

When you get a full service car wash, you pay for the special attention your car is getting, and you are sure not to get wet or dirty yourself. Using a drive through car wash keeps you dry and clean, and when you look out for special deals you can save even more money. Often these drive through car wash companies offer special deals when you buy tickets for more than one car wash. Buy ten and get one free car wash are deals that you can find quite easily. Or there are service stations that offer fuel and other car related services and when you buy these, you get a cheaper car wash or even a free car wash. Look out for these deals, there is lots of potential to save. I’ve even managed to get a special deal from my local drive throug car wash station: The whole family washes their cars at this place and we get a buy 8 get 10 washes! If you don’t ask you don’t get it!

drive through car wash

Drive Through Car Wash – Precautions

Using a drive through car wash can also have some caveats: A large antenna is not a good thing to have when you drive through, nor is a top box. Specially wide side mirrors can get tangled in a drive through car wash too, so before you enter a do it yourself car wash you have never used before, take a few minutes to read their signs. They usually say what’s possible and what not. The drive through car wash manufacturers have made big progress recently, and sensors are much better than a few years back. Damages to cars are rare and should normally not happen at all.

Drive Through Car Wash – Be Nice To Your Car!

When you use a drive through car wash, make sure you are not using one of the very old installations! There are still a few really old drive through car wash stations out there, that are really rough on your car. Also make sure you use a carwash that uses the soft tissue type of rotating brushes and not the old style nylon string ones, the car body loves the soft tissue type rolls.  So to sum up: Look out for a modern up-to-date do it yourself car wash that offers also some special deals when you use it more than just once. Your car and you wallet will be happy once you find the best drive through car wash in your neighbourhood!




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