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With KFC coupons you will enjoy your Kentucky Fried Chicken visit even more: Not only will you enjoy the finger likin chicken dishes that are seasoned with the traditional mix of 11 herbs and spices, but the KFC coupons you will also give your wallet a break! The secret recipe of Colonel Sanders that makes the great taste of the original recipe Kentucky fried chicken is unequalled and always a great delight.

Even without KFC Coupons – Great meal for 5 Dollars:

Michael Barnhill shows you what he just gor for only 5 Dollars:

KFC call it the 5 Dollar Fill Ups, and they are excellent value for money. They come as “3 Piece Tenders”, “Famous Bowl”, “Breast Piece”, “Pot Pie”, “2 Piece Drum and Thigh”.  The Bowl and Pie come with a medium drink and a nice chocolate chip cookie, the other three in addition to that also with a flaky biscuit. For just 5 Dollars definitively a good buy, as good as using some KFC coupon!

KFC Coupons
With KFC Coupons a bucket full of finger likin good Kentucky Fried Chicken gets very affordable. Make sure you get all KFC coupons and sign up for the Colonel’s Club!

Harland D. Sanders, the founder of KFC was originally operation a fuel station that also served chicken in the private rooms of his adjoining house. Later The Colonel (a title that he received later) started to operate also a motel and continued to perfect his chicken recipe, finally creating this famous Kentucky Fried Chicken, using the same 11 herbs and spices that are still the basis of the KFC taste.  You’ve certainly seen one of the great TV spots where the Colonel talks about his recipe and the „Finger-lickin’ good“  taste of his chicken meals.


KFC Coupons from the Colonel’s Club

To make sure you’ll never miss a KFC coupon, you best sign up for the Colonel’s Club on the KFC site. Like this you will be getting information about special Colonel’s Club KFC coupons, like the one that is valid till end of this year:  4.99$ for a three piece extra crispy tenders meal!  It’s safest to get all KFC coupons that way.



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