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Everybody loves McDonalds coupons, only a shame that they are not offered more frequently. Sometimes you local McDonalds (look for ‘McDonalds near me’) might run a promotion that you can easily miss…. There are however a few ways to make sure you never miss them when they are offered by a Mc Donalds in your area.

The food at McDonalds has become a lot healthier these last years, even though eating only at McDonalds is maybe not the best choice… But I have to admit, I love a good burger from time to time and if I can get it at a discount and have a choice at the McDonalds menu, then I love to use McDonalds coupons! So I keep a constant eye on their promotions and discount offers.

McDonalds coupons are usually valid for just a few locations

There is no nationwide McDonalds coupons policy, as the owners of most McDonalds locations are independent franchisees. They decide when they need to boost sales and attract more customers by offering McDonalds coupons. Online McDonalds coupons are very rare, mostly the McDonalds coupons are distributed in local newspaper coupon inserts or distributed directly into your mailbox by direct mail or throw distributions.

It is in any case a good idea to regularly check your Sunday newspapers for McDonald’s coupons! Often there is a whole sheet of McDonalds coupons that offer ‘Buy One Get One FREE’ for different McDonalds menu items. Or you get a large reduction in price. They seem to have a whole lot of different strategies to make their offer attractive. I like them all, especially the the ‘Buy One Get One FREE’ is good for me, as I love to go with the whole family.

Do you know all McDonalds locations in your area? If you want to make sure you are up-to-date, then you can check their McDonalds store locator. That’s a good tool also when you are on the road and want to find the next McDonalds restaurant.

McDonalds Coupons
With printed McDonalds Coupons you often have a choice of different McDonalds menus

Alternatives to McDonalds coupons:

Because it can be so difficult to regularly find McDonalds coupons, here’s my personal tip how to ALWAYS save on McDonalds restaurant bills: Get yourself discounted McDonalds gift cards!

If this sounds like a joke, it’s not! There are people who receive McDonalds gift cards and do not want to use them. So they offer them at a discount online. You can easily purchase them and save around 15% off your McDonalds bill.

If you want to go this way, then look online for ‘Gift Card Granny’. That’s a gift card search engine that always has McDonalds gift cards on sale, they are maybe not just as good as McDonalds coupons, but they will help you save too!



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