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With the snow and storms outside, what better dinner than a cheese fondue, with The Melting Pot coupons you get this delicious and very social dish at a discount! And because fondue, be it a traditional cheese fondue or a more adventurous chocolate fondue, can also be made at home the Melting Pot have printed their own fondue cookbook: ” Dip into Something Different: A Collection of Recipes from Our Fondue Pot to Yours”. When you purchase this great fondue cookbook, you get  40$ worth of Melting Pot coupons, so that you can compare your creation with the real thing at a Melting Pot restaurant.

Melting Pot restaurants can be found all over the U.S., in the north (Melting Pot Colorado Springs) just as well as in the south, in Florida and California just as much as in Colorado, New York and Washington state.

Melting Pot Coupons To Hold Great Parties!

Meeting with friends and / or family at a Melting Pot restaurant is a lot of fun. You want to make sure you are with people you really like and with whom you want to share a common pot.

Use your Melting Pot coupons and experiment form the offers on the Melting Pot menu: The Melting Pot offers four different cheese fondues, all of them delicious, but I suggest you try your first fondue with the traditional recipe, the ‘Classic Alpine’ style . That is a recipe that uses aged Gruyère, Raclette and Fontina cheese, white wine and some garlic and nutmeg. Tastes great and will introduce you to the very social tradition of eating together out of one single pot. And using Melting Pot coupons it’s an evening out that is affordable.

melting pot coupons
With Melting Pot Coupons you will enjoy a delicious cheese fondue ina great and intimate atmosphere

In the European alps, there is a tradition you might want to introduce when eating your cheese fondue with the people you like: If somebody loses his bread in the pot, he has to pay for the next round of drinks. (That’s an other way to get a discount, similar to using Melting Pot coupons, and it usually amuses everyone too!). If you want to avoid losing it yourself, make sure you stick the bread onto your fork so that the crust is on the tip of the fork and well stuck, that’s the way the alpine folks do it.

10 % Melting Pot Coupons – Military Discount

If you are and active or retired member of the military, you get 10% off with valid military ID, even without Melting Pot Coupons. Not all locations will participate by providing a Military Discount and it is given at the owner’s discretion. To get the Melting Pot Military Discount, ask your local franchise if they offer a Melting Pot Military Discount, most locations will gladly say yes.

Melting Pot Colorado Springs and other Melting Pot Locations:

Some of the more popular Melting Pot locations are:  Melting Pot Littleton, Melting Pot Nashville, Melting Pot Portland, Melting Pot Minneapolis, Melting Pot Colorado Springs, Melting Pot Atlanta, Melting Pot Seattle, Melting Pot San Diego, Melting Pot Colorado Springs, Melting Pot Pittsburgh, Melting Pot Austin… obviously I can’t mention them all here, check for the Melting Point location next to you on their website.

Where To Get Your Melting Pot Coupons:

Melting Pot coupons are quite rare. The possibility to buy their fondue cookbook and getting coupons is mentioned further up. Then there is the Melting Pot’s Club Fondue: You can sign up on their website and get a sort of Melting Pot coupons: you’ll receive a complimentary box of 6 Signature Chocolate-Covered Strawberries with the purchase of at least $60.

Valentines Dating Idea:

There is an other great idea when to visit the Melting Pot restaurant in your area: The Melting Pot have made it on OpenTable’s annual Diners’ Choice list of the 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in the U.S. – for a reason: Sitting on a table just the two of you and sharing an intimate dinner, dipping into the same fondue pot brings people together and can lead to a very hot night! Be sure to make sour reservation for a table in Lover’s Lane, The Melting Pot’s most-requested seating area for couples and ask for the Valentines celebration package, where you can chose from Champaign and get roses set up at the table and much more. You both will love it!!

You could use the 40$ Melting Pot coupons from the cookbook and then later try one of the recipes for a dinner at home with your Valentine, how about that for a next evening out at yours or her place?



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